Conversation Starters*

  • Are you thinking of suicide?
  • Have you tried to end your life before?
  • Have you been feeling left out or alone?
  • Have you been feeling like you’re a burden?
  • Do you feel isolated and or disconnected?
  • Are you experiencing the feeling of being trapped?
  • Has someone close to you recently died by suicide?
  • How are you thinking of ending your life?
  • Do you have the means to do this (firearms, drugs, ropes)?
  • Have you been drinking or taken any drugs or medications?
  • How have you been sleeping?
  • Are you feeling more anxious than usual?
  • Who can we contact that you feel safe and/or comfortable with?

You may find it hard to start or talk–That’s OK. It isn’t as important what you say, as how you listen. Active Listening involves concentrating on what is being said, and not just hearing the message.

Resources and References

** Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP)